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About Me

Name:Elias Panagiotopoulos
Address: Berlin , Germany
Mobile: (+49) 017634545025


  • 2015 : Graduation from Department of Music Technology and Acoustics Engineering, School of Applied Sciences (Rethymnon), Technological & Educational Institute of Crete graduate, with the grade of 7.3 "very good" [].

    My studies included the following scientific and technological fields: a) application of modern technologies to the recording, analysis, composition, production and management of audio and music information , b) the science and technology of acoustics and c) In depth Audio and Music Programming and DSP.

    I completed my dissertation on a topic of my choice in order to specialize and get experience in the field of sound design for video games and interactive applications. I aimed at an in-depth study and better knowledge of programs like Αudio Pipeline, more specifically Wwise. The exact subject of my dissertation was: ‘’Sound Design and Music Composition for Limbo Video Game‘’.

    Additional skills:

  • • Great experience and skills in post-production and excellent knowledge of the following fields: sound design, sound effects, foley and recording/ mixing. In-depth knowledge of music programming, sound synthesis and digital signal processing, as well as excellent use of various music programming languages (MaxMsp, Maxforlive, Pure Data, Reaktor, Super Collider, Csound, Chuck). Also have scripting and programming skills on Kontakt Scripting Engine, Max Javascript, Max Java externals,
  • • Composer and musician. I play the piano, synthesizers and guitar.
  • • Great music Production, Mixing and Mastering skills of all kinds of up to date music genres.
  • • Great computer skills, absolutely able to work both in Windows and Mac environments.
  • • High level of English and English terminology of the field.


Sound Design & Game Audio
Sound Synthesis & Programming
Music Production